our story

In a world where right is wrong, and wrong right, where up is down,
and down up; those of us who seek to reclaim our oneness are
regarded as pursuing some fishy business. In rejection of the wrong
right, we embrace that label and call ourselves: fishynation.

We reject: segmentation & classification; prejudice & judgment;
restrictions & boundaries; and profiteering & bondage. Instead, we
champion imagination & experimentation. We embrace the ‘what if’.

We seek to enable an alternative way to be.
By definition, this means there is no preset goal.
Rather, there is only what will be. Only will.
Your will. Good will.

so what do we do?
We manufacture and sell lifestyle products that enable their
designers to secure an income while pursuing their artistic
ambitions. T-shirts are only the beginning.


the nation

for the time being
fishynation is home to great t-shirts and their designers, who are independent creatives and directly benefit from each sale.

for all time
An incubator of young creativity, fishynation is also a virtual alternate land that is freely open and belongs to all her people, the fishy nationals, who are diverse individuals with only one necessary thing in common: belief in the ‘what if’.

the story