fishy national

Patrik Abdel Sater

1 or 2 words that describe me is I'm a ...

Believes in change

i have an obsessive interest in ...

Discovering new places, meeting new faces. Along with design in all its varieties. Photography and illustration.

most of my inspiration comes from ...

People. Stories. Facts. And mostly from an non existing world.

need my talents? email me at ...

[email protected]


other works by Patrik

  • RedHot
  • RadioHead
  • ArabianEyes


the nation

for the time being
fishynation is home to great t-shirts and their designers, who are independent creatives and directly benefit from each sale.

for all time
An incubator of young creativity, fishynation is also a virtual alternate land that is freely open and belongs to all her people, the fishy nationals, who are diverse individuals with only one necessary thing in common: belief in the ‘what if’.

the story